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About Me
Image of the author wearing a yellow floral dress, sitting on a bench while smiling

About Me

I became a Registered Psychotherapist because I believe that we all need help along the way. While we have tremendous capabilities on our own, we benefit from the wisdom, guidance and support of other people. As a therapist, I can help you clarify your path when life gets complicated. I will help you  explore what you want to do and how you can make that happen. I am here to help you identify your strengths and to build upon them. We need to first understand who we are and how we function, in order to improve how we interact with the world around us


I practise with a sensitivity to and appreciation of the various factors that combine to make us who we are. I have worked with clients across the age span, from a variety of cultures and who speak many different languages. I understand how gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, culture, religion and socio-economic status can shape us. I believe that in order for therapy to be effective, the process must account for how these factors influence our lives. 


In my personal time, I recharge by baking, gardening, taking long walks and spending time with my loved ones

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